The best and worst shoes to wear to the airport


There are two types of people in the world: those who dress up to travel and those who roll up in sweat pants. 

But you know what? We don't judge no matter what you put on your body… It's what you put on your feet that we're judging. Trust us, there is a right shoe and a wrong shoe to wear to the airport. Being a service running to and from Melbourne Airport all day, we see a lot of foot traffic. So we know what we're talking about. 

Here is the definitive list of the best and worst shoes to wear to the airport. 


Best: Fashion sneakers

Sneakers that you buy specifically for fashion are great for the airport. They're both comfortable and practical when it comes time to take them off, they're easy as can be! 

Worst: Combat boots

This might be the worst shoe to wear to the the airport. Sure, it might be in style right now, but just thinking of untying and retying all those laces makes us feel tired. 

Best: Clogs

Clogs are awesome and fashionable right now. You're in and you're out. That's the motto of the clog! This is only a bad shoe choice if you find yourself late and running to make a flight frequently. 


Worst: Running shoes

Um, are you going to take those off? This is a real question your seat mates are internally asking you. Running shoes might be comfortable, but that's all they should be used for: running. The more you use them, the stinkier they get. Leave them in your suitcase (and make sure that goes below the plane).

Best: Slip on boots

Do you have a cosy pair of UGGs or boots that slip on with similar ease? These are some of the best to wear to the airport. They're fashionable and comfortable, so if dressing up is your thing, then you can do so with a good pair of boots! Everything from ankle to knee, to high heels to flats are perfectly airport friendly. 


Worst: High heels

We get the logic of 'dressing to impress' but at the airport, you might want to rethink those high heels. When you have to take them off your bare foot is going to come in direct contact with the dirty airport floor! You are going to tread where many dirty feet have tread before you. 

Best: Crocs

Okay they might be silly looking but they're extremely comfortable and easy to walk around in. Crocs are really the perfect shoe for the airport – don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

Worst: Jandals

This is the same deal as the high heels, you're likely going to have to take them off, and then your bare feet are going to touch the ground. In case that didn't gross you out the first time, we have to wonder, when was the last time the airport really cleaned the floor? Even just a couple hours of foot traffic (mind the pun) could be trouble! 


Worst: Hiking boots

Especially if you're going on an international flight. A lot of countries will ask if you are bringing in any gear that has touched outdoor environments. They're nervous that you could bring in a foreign species on your shoe! Yes, your hiking boots could be considered a biohazard, so leave them behind. 

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