6 mistakes you don’t want to make when travelling


If you're not one of those people who appear to be travelling every other month (seriously, how are these people getting all that time off?) then you are probably getting excited for your upcoming trip! But if you aren't a well-seasoned traveller, then you probably don't have your packing skills fine-tuned down to muscle memory, and that's where mistakes are made. When it comes to getting ready for a trip, there is a lot that can go wrong and that's before you even leave! 

So, before you go, make sure you check over these common travelling mistakes so you don't make them yourself! We'll turn you into a savvy traveller so you can holiday with the best of them. 

1. Forgetting a visa

If you're travelling to a foreign country be sure to double check that you don't require a visa. Nothing is worse than getting to customs and realising you haven't secured a visa before entering the country. Sometimes, they take a long time to procure, so be sure you look into these travel details before you get to the airport. 

2. Forgetting to finish packing

Do you feel like you're missing something? You probably are! Items like phone chargers, underwear and bathing suits are commonly left behind. While it's not the end of the world, you probably didn't want to have to buy a week's worth of underwear on the first day of your holiday. To ensure you don't leave anything behind, make a list and check it twice before you zip that luggage up for good.

3. Exchanging money at the airport

This is a big no-no. Yes, airports make it easy to exchange your money for foreign currency, but they make it much more expensive. It's typically much cheaper to do at your bank, so make sure you get this done before you leave. Once you arrive, even taking money out of an ATM can result in high fees, so just get the money before you go and use your card for the rest!

4. Relying on guidebooks

Guidebooks are good for general guidance. But don't be afraid to take your nose out of that book and just explore the area as you see fit. You never know who you're going to meet or what you're going to find when you have no idea where you are. As long as you keep your cool, getting lost is one of the best ways to explore a new city.

5. Waiting to backup pictures until home

Have you been taking a bunch of really amazing National Geographic worthy photos? Don't wait to back them up. Tourists often make easy targets for pickpockets, and even if you're playing it safe, you can still end up getting your phone stolen. That's not even mentioning accidentally dropping your phone in the toilet!  So please, do yourself a favour and back your phone up as often as you can!

6. Paying for airport parking

There's nothing worse than getting to Melbourne Airport and driving around in search for an empty car park. Well, the only thing that could be worse is the expensive parking ticket you'll get once you return from holiday! That's why you should park with us here at Pacific Airport Parking. 

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